Client Manager Software

The ‘Client Manager’ software by Keystone Construction Software is a plugin to Databuild, designed to assist in the preparation of quotes/tenders,
pre-contract variations, post-contract variations and the client product and colour selection process.

The quote/tenders, pre-contract variations and post-contract variations modules allow for a mini bill of quantities (build-up) per client costing request. The build-up is populated from the current Databuild catalogue and cost centre structure. Once finalised, the accepted line item build-ups can be used to update the Databuild bill of quantities and/or cost centre budget control. The un-accepted line items are retained in the system for future reference negating the need for diary items or notes to record discussion points and costings.

The client product and colour (addendum to the specification) selection process is a database driven menu system designed to utilise standard specification templates and facilitate the product and colour selection process. Client selections are then able to be uploaded to the Databuild purchase orders to eliminate costly order selection errors.

​The integration between Databuild and the Client Manager eliminates the need to maintain multiple job/client lists as all details are maintained in the Databuild database and the Client Manager simply looks up the current details.